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Princess Heights is an intimate 36 room boutique hotel. Our 14 staff members are like a little family always ready to help. We want our guests to feel like at home, and to rely on us like good friends.

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The Birth of the Hotel

First attracted by the dual nationality of the island, half French and half Dutch, the Lee family began to spend regularly their vacations on St. Maarten in the 1980s. After a few years, they decided that it was time to plant more permanent roots in this marvelous island. The construction of Princess Heights began in the prestigious residential Oyster Pond community.

Perched on the hillside overlooking Dawn Beach, the suites were intentionally designed to offer commanding views of the Atlantic Ocean. Since the completion of construction in 1995, Princess Heights has been operating as a luxury boutique hotel. Built to exacting standards and with a commitment to quality and personalized service, Princess Heights quickly gained a reputation as a charming home away from home and as a luxury romantic getaway.
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Princess Heights Logo

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