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Saba, often referred as ‘the unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean’, is a rocky and volcanic island with lots of beautiful nature to discover. The island of Saba is now a special municipality within the kingdom of the Netherlands.

Saba has seven well-marked main trails and various interesting side paths, providing spectacular views. The highlight of the day could be climbing a volcano!

Furthermore the Island of Saba has lots of unspoiled nature and breathtaking, protected reefs around the island.

You could explore Saba in several ways; book a package which will take you on a tour around the island. Moreover, you could book the scuba diving package, after you take the ferry you will be prepared to take two unforgettable dives. In addition, if you like to schedule your own day, you could also explore the island by yourself. Take high-speed Catamaran ferry to Saba and take a taxi tour from the harbor. Of course would hiking also be an opportunity.

Fun fact: Hike up the Volcano Mount Scenery, with 887 m (or 2,910Ft) it is the highest point in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The ferry‘s departure from the Simpson Bay Resort on Wednesday to Sunday. Passports required.


The most recommended activities on Saba are Scuba Diving and Hiking & Sightseeing. There’s a world of beautiful riffs, volcanic rock formations and exotic sea life to discover in the waters around Saba. Discover breathtaking lava tunnels, hot springs and spur and groove formations. Take a dive with turtles, rays and sharks that inhabit the underwater rock formations.

In addition, Saba is a magical little paradise, hidden away with charming little villages and friendly inhabitants. Take a hike up to the volcano Mount Scenery which rises into the clouds, guaranteeing beautiful views of the island and the surrounding ocean.  If you do not like to hike, spend your day touring with a taxi while you visit the local towns and enjoy a delicious lunch on this eco paradise. 


If you would like more information about the available packages or book a ferry to Saba, please don’t hesitate to contact the front office staff. They would be happy to help you with making a reservation.