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The Rhino Safari is ideal for thrill seeking people who love a little bit of action on the sea. The Rhino Safari will take you on a speedboat tour, where you will drive your own small boat per couple. This tour also includes snorkeling on a wild reef. 

In a nutshell

The Rhino Safari will take you on guided a snorkeling safari tour where you take the wheel and get the opportunity to drive your own watercraft vehicle. This tour is full of action and fun along the coast of St. Maarten. The tour will last approximately 2,5 hours where the enthusiastic crew the Rhino Safari will show you a couple of the nicest reefs and beaches. First of all you will see the spectacular coastline of St. Maarten and you will pass some beautiful, quiet beaches. In addition you will get the chance to take a look underwater and experience stunning underwater views.

General information

Upon arrival the enthusiastic crew from the Rhino Safari will start with a quick briefing in safety and hand signals. After the briefing you will get control of your own watercraft vehicle for 2 persons. During the guided tour you will be taken to drive along the coast of St. Maarten and have a look under water. You will pass beaches as Friars bay and Happy Bay and you are able to have a nice view on the picturesque village of Grand Case. The final destination will be Creole Rock, a rock formation offshore Grand Case. Creole Rock is a part of the French Nature Reserve and it is protected by the government marine park. The Rhino Safari will take you on a nice, action orientated tour where snorkeling and lots of fun on the sea will be combined.


The start location off the Rhino Safari is in Simpson Bay. You can enter the watercraft vehicles behind the well know restaurant Pineapple Pete’s. There are enough parking options in Simpson Bay and it takes about a 30 minute drive.


If you would like more information about Captain Alan’s boat charters or book a tour, please don’t hesitate to contact the front office staff. They would be happy to help you with making a reservation.

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