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In a Nutshell

Orient Bay is a beach on the east side of the island of Sint Maarten. The beach is well known on the island for having lots of activities and nice restaurants that attract all sorts of tourists. Due to this the beach is usually one of the busiest on the island. The sea is fairly calm and good for kids to play in. Please do keep in mind that due to the many water sports it is important to find a good spot where you can enter the water easily.
On the far side of the beach is the Club Orient, this is a Nudist resort on the beach. For people who prefer not to stay on the Nudist part of the beach, there are enough other options on the rest of the beach.

General information
- Atlantic Ocean
- Busy and nice atmosphere
- Activities and restaurants
- Nudist part

Activities on the beach
- Jet ski
- Kayak
- Windsurfing
- Hobby cats (sailing)
- Parasailing
- Kite boarding
- Beach Volleyball
- Horseback riding

Beach Chairs
There are several restaurants and bars that offer beach chairs.
Most restaurants will offer free chairs and umbrella when you have lunch.


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15 minutes north of the Princess Heights property.

Ideal for
Princess Heights guests who like a busy but nice atmosphere and that like to enjoy activities.
There are also activities located for the smaller ones.
The restaurants are a bit more expensive but offer great value for money.

Orient Bay is the busiest beach on the island of Sint Maarten.