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Corporate Rates & Plans for business travelers

Top-Notch comfort and VIP service for individual, independent business travelers and companies looking for great deluxe accommodations and personalized attention for corporate guests while on St. Maarten!


Why Choose us?

  • Affordable, flexible deals to help companies cut corporate travel costs
  • Privileged location and accommodations
  • Comfort & Productivity-centered customizable business packages
  • VIP, personalized service by award-winning hotel staff
  • Company incentives available

Available Plans

  • Express Corporate Package: Nightly rate based plan for short stays
  • Weekly Corporate Package: Weekly based plans for Longer stays
  • Long Term / Relocation Package: Monthly based plans

Business Services included

  • Office Assistant
  • Free local calls
  • Free Rental Car* + Standard Hotel Services


Download our Full Corporate Rate Plan Booklet here and get more information about our plans, rates and company incentives and how to access our corporate rates!