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Saskia de la Fuente-Goedar

Age:  51
Position: Executive Secretary
I’m from:  Suriname 

My favorite holiday destination:  Anywhere that is interesting / accommodating and the people are friendly.

My favorite drink is: Dawet and Ginger beer (Surinamese drinks) / Virgin coladas

My favorite spot of the island: My oasis at home 

My favorite beach is:  Mullet bay beach. Maho beach, Pinel island.

My favorite activity is:  Besides dancing, riding my Harley Sportster on weekends or whenever there is a club activity. Also, on a Saturday afternoon my island sisters and I like to get together at the Coffee lounge in Philipsburg or at Le Express pastry shops at Hope Estate and in Marigot on the French side

My favorite restaurant is: Lee’s Road Side grill / the Sushi box / Bamboo Bernies / Chesterfields Restaurant

My favorite club is: I love a good sushi any time and having a dim sum with the family on a Sunday. IZI restaurant, Chesterfields Restaurant, Taloula Mango

Caroline Macdonna

Age: 23
Education: Associates Degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management, Pearson BTEC HNC Level 5, University of St. Martin
Position: Front/ Back Office 
I’m from: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
On the island since: December 11 2002

My favorite holiday destination: I really enjoy my Caribbean ambiance. However I travelled last year to the Netherlands and Paris, France. I really enjoyed it and I would definitely be making another trip soon.

My favorite drink is: Iced Fresh Lemonade

My favorite spot of the island: I really like hanging out on the Coffee lounge in Philipsburg. The drinks and great, food as well, but the best thing would have to be the cozying up to a good book.  

My favorite Beach is: Really Love Pinel Island, it’s shallow and the ambiance is so calming. Plus the way to get there is like your leaving SXM and going into a different destination, I enjoy that thrill. I also really like the Karakter beach, the waves are high, the restaurant is great, and meeting new people is always the best thing.

My favorite activity is: Going to the beach of course! But a must try is the Rainforest Adventures Zip Line. It is a thrill, and the best activity to do on the island. Even if you don’t wanna take the zip line just going up to see the 360 view of the island, Just Magical!

My favorite restaurant is: Fave Restaurant is Buccaneer Beach Bar. I love how low key it is, and right at the beach. The mozzarella cheese sticks are my favorite!!! 

Alessandro De Carli

Age: 20
Education: Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management, École hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland
Position: Front Desk Agent
I’m from: Zurich, Switzerland
On the island since: End of July 2018,

My favorite holiday destination: I like to travel to countries with a warm tropical climate, where I can enjoy the sun and the beach while still going for adventures and activities. St. Maarten offers exactly this unique mix of relaxing and fun.

My favorite drink is: Guavaberry Rum and Coke

My favorite spot of the island: Pinel Island is definitely my favorite place to be. The beach is astonishing, the water crystal clear, and if you are lucky, even a sea turtle might swim by. During night time, there is no better place to enjoy a drink or dance through the night than Simpson Bay. Additionally, the numerous Casinos are always a nice spot to try your luck.

My favorite Beach is: My award for the best beach goes to Pinel Island. The staff is very friendly, the water is superb and there is even fresh caught Lobster on the Menu! Moreover, Great Bay in Philipsburg is nice to have a stroll around the historic buildings to go hunting for souvenirs. My insider tip is Mullet Bay, which offers a secluded spot to truly relax.

My favorite activity is: Zip-Lining in the rainforest above Lotterie in St. Martin is a must do. You can choose between different categories of thrill intensity, so there will for sure be an activity that suits everyone! After the action, you can calm down and relax at the Lotterie Farm Natural Water Pool or in the Hot Tub.

My favorite restaurant is: My favorite Restaurant is Pineapple Pete in Simpson Bay. The food variety offered is enormous, it ranges from Steaks to Wraps to fresh Sea Food. Try one of the Chicken Wraps, they are delicious!

Anne Jansink

Age: 19 years old
Education: Facility Management at Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Deventer
Position: Front & Back Desk Agent
I’m from: De Lutte, The Netherlands
On the island since: End of August 2018

My favorite holiday destination: I don´t really have a favorite holiday destination but the Caribbean is definitely a beautiful place. I love the culture, the sun and the beaches.

 My favorite drink: My favorite drink is Malibu Cola but I also like to drink a cold and sweet cocktail.

 My favorite spot of the island: The Natural Pool is one of my favorite spots on the island. To get to this hidden location, a short hike is needed, morning time is the best time to do this. The easier end is located at the end of Point Blanche. It’s very naturistic so make sure to bring along a camera.  Look out for the goats! This is a popular feeding ground for them. After the hike you can swim in the Natural Pool and enjoy the beautiful view. The panoramic sunrise at this point on the island is highly recommended.  At night I like to be in the Simpson bay area because of the amazing and vibrant nightlife.

 My favorite beach is: This island has so many beautiful beaches so it is hard to choose. Mullet Bay Beach is one of my favorites because of the clear blue water and the quiet area. I also like to go to Simpson Bay Beach to relax at Karakter Beach Bar while you are enjoying the sunset and some drinks.

 My favorite activity is: My favorite activity to do is watersports like snorkeling and jet skiing. You have some beautiful places around the island to do some snorkeling. I also like to have some drinks at the bar/club or go to the casinos on the island.

 My favorite restaurant is: My favorite restaurant is Buccaneers. The location is perfect, it is next to the beach, they even have some tables at the beach. The food is simple but really good and for a nice price. They also have some good cocktails over there. Enjoy the firepits on the Kim Sha while listening to music and live activities along the Simpson Bay beach.

 My favorite club is: I really like the nightlife in Sint Maarten. The perfect place to have some drinks are Marty´s (a Dutch bar) or 3amigos, you can sing karaoke at Topper’s or if you want to go out for a dance, Lotus is perfect.

Esther Weststrate

Age: 25
Education: International Business and Management Studies, Rotterdam Business School
Position: Front & Back Desk Agent
I’m from: Krabbendijke, The Netherlands
On the island since:  September 2018

My favorite holiday destination:  I love to visit new places and learn about different cultures. I prefer a destination with a warm climate for a relaxing vacation. But, I also like to explore new cities where I can walk around for hours and discover beautiful areas and small restaurants

My favorite drink is: My favorite drink is a gin tonic with raspberry, but I also love a cold Corona while going out or on the beach.

What is your favorite spot of the island: Beaches such as Mullet Bay and Baie Rouge are beaches that you have to visit. I like these beaches because of their beautiful white sand and clear water. Plus, these beaches are not too crowded, this makes it the perfect place to relax while you enjoy the sound of the waves. Also, go to Maho Beach and sit at Sunset Bar and Grill to watch the airplanes take off and land from a safe distance while you enjoy your drink is a must do on the island! But, my absolute favorite place to go is Pinel Island. It is a quiet beach with beautiful blue water where, when you are lucky, you can see a sea turtle swim by!

My favorite Beach is:  The best beach for me is Mullet Bay. It Is a beautiful beach where you can enjoy your day with a cold drink. Also, you can take really nice pictures of the sunset. I like this beach because it is a beautiful beach where you can make the perfect Caribbean picture!

My favorite activity is: I love to enjoy the beautiful beaches and try the different restaurants the island has to offer. If you want to try something different, go to the Loterie Farm. You can do zip-lining 35+ feet off the ground, and afterwards you can relax at the beautiful pool. 

My favorite restaurant is: My favorite restaurant is Beirut SXM at Simpson Bay. It is a Lebanese restaurant where they serve great food! I also like to eat lunch at Lolo’s at Grande Case. Here you can eat local cuisine while you enjoy the view of Anguilla on the other side of Baie de Grand Case. Also, on the island you see several food trucks on the side of the road. 

Gerben Ruitenberg

Age: 23 years old
Education: Hospitality Business School Saxion
Position: Front Desk Agent
I’m from: Putten, The Netherlands
On the Island since: The end of August, 2018

My favorite holiday destination: I love to travel, it is difficult to come up with one favorite holiday destination. Australia is still on top of my list but St. Maarten got me with the relaxed atmosphere, the beautiful beaches and of course, the stunning weather.

My favorite drink is: A cold beer, although the cocktails on this island are also very good. I’ve tried the Long Island ice tea and I could recommend it to everyone!

My favorite spot on the island: My favorite spot on the island is Pinel Island, it is quiet over there and the people are really friendly. A good way to enjoy your day and relax for a bit.

My favorite beach is: Mullet Bay, A beach close to Maho Beach. It is quiet and the water is crystal clear. There is a nice bar over there and they serve all kinds of food, what else do you need?

My favorite activity is: Plane watching at Maho beach. From the Sunset bar you have a great view on the landing strip. Could you imagine yourself enjoying your dinner while an aircraft flies by on less than ten meters distance?

My favorite restaurant is: The BZH restaurant on the French side of the island. The atmosphere is really good and the staff is friendly. The carpaccio is definitely worth a try. A good way to spend your night out.  

Soraia Mota

Age: 27
Education: Facility Management, Hanze University of Applied Sciences
Position: Front Desk Agent
I’m from: Porto, Portugal
I live in: Groningen, The Netherlands
On the island since: July 28th, 2018

My favorite holiday destination: My favorite holiday destination is historical cities full of monuments and historic places. I also enjoy going to destinations with sunny weather and beautiful beaches like St. Maarten. Two of my favorite places are the island of Crete in Greece and Florence in Italy.

My favorite drink is: the Guavaberry Colada. This colada is made with coconut cream, pineapple juice and the famous Guavaberry liqueur. It is very tasty.

What is your favorite spot of the island: My favorite spot is Pinel Island. It is a beautiful, cozy small island by Cul de Sac on the French part. The beach is beautiful and you can feed the several iguanas that are hanging around.

My favorite beach: is Mullet beach. The clear blue water and the whole environment really gives you the tropical sensation of the Caribbean.

My favorite activity: I really enjoyed doing the Rhino Safari. It’s really fun to drive the boat and to snorkel in Creole Rock.

My favorite restaurant is: the Chez Coco in Marigot, they have delicious local food. I also like the food in Pineapple Pete, they have a wonderful steak.

My favorite club is: Lotus in Simpson Bay, they always have different kind of parties and they have different styles of music which I think it’s fun. I also like hanging out at Marty’s specially on Wednesdays when they have the Latin music night.