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Saskia de la Fuente-Goedar

Age:  51
Position: Executive Secretary
I’m from:  Suriname 

My favorite holiday destination:  Anywhere that is interesting / accommodating and the people are friendly.

My favorite drink is: Dawet and Ginger beer (Surinamese drinks) / Virgin coladas

My favorite spot of the island: My oasis at home 

My favorite beach is:  Mullet bay beach. Maho beach, Pinel island.

My favorite activity is:  Besides dancing, riding my Harley Sportster on weekends or whenever there is a club activity. Also, on a Saturday afternoon my island sisters and I like to get together at the Coffee lounge in Philipsburg or at Le Express pastry shops at Hope Estate and in Marigot on the French side

My favorite restaurant is: Lee’s Road Side grill / the Sushi box / Bamboo Bernies / Chesterfields Restaurant

My favorite club is: I love a good sushi any time and having a dim sum with the family on a Sunday. IZI restaurant, Chesterfields Restaurant, Taloula Mango


Age: 19 years old
Education: Tourism management at Saxion Deventer, The Netherlands
Position: Front Desk Agent
I am from: Geerdijk, The Netherlands
On the island since: March, 2019

My favorite holiday destination: I really love to travel and see different parts of the world. I love variety so that is why I try to pick and explore a different country every time. I do prefer tropical climates!

My favorite drink is: I like fruity cocktails or a good glass of wine.

My favorite sport on the island: Mullet bay. Because it is a really pretty and quiet beach. I also really like the atmosphere that is on Mullet Bay you can’t find that anywhere else on the island.  

My favorite beach is: The beach at Karakter, because they play good music, they serve really nice food and they have the best sunbeds in my opinion.

My favorite activity is: I really love to dance, that is why I really like the Latin night at soggy dollar.

My favorite restaurant is: I really like the hard rock café. You can sit very nice on the balcony, they play nice music and the food is really good. They have this special island menu which is really nice. But the shared platter is my favorite thing to eat.

My favorite club is: I really like to go to Bamboo. They play really nice deep house and techno music and the atmosphere is really good. Besides, it is a really pretty bar. 

Kemil Chmayssani

Age: 19 years old
Education: International Facility Management Hanze University of Applied Sciences
Position: Front Desk Agent
I am from: Groningen, The Netherlands
On the island since: Mid-February, 2019

My favorite holiday destination: I love to travel. I have been to numerous countries around the world but I think St. Maarten is one of the better ones. The combination of relaxation, good weather, and amazing beaches makes it that good.

My favorite drink is: I do not really have a preference concerning drinks. I would for sure, love a cold drink.

My favorite sport on the island: My favorite spot on the island is Phillipsburg. I love the narrow streets with stores where you can buy several kinds of souvenirs. Furthermore, it has a great beach where you can swim and relax anytime.  

My favorite beach is: I like the Divi Beach the most. There is a very relaxed atmosphere. Also, the sea and beach are in amazing condition.

My favorite activity is: My favorite activity is to go to the beach and to just have a relaxing day.

My favorite restaurant is: The Infinity restaurant is my favorite one. The atmosphere is really good and the staff is friendly. I would recommend the burger with fries. They are excellent. 

Gil d’Orey

Education: Bachelor of Arts in International Hospitality Management, Hotelschool The Hague, The Hague.
Position: Front Desk Agent
I am from: Lisbon, Portugal
On island since: 18 of February 2019.

My favorite holiday destination: I don’t have a specific holiday destination, I like to go to places with a different culture than mine, Sint Maarten is a place with a big variety of cultures.

My favorite drink: I cold beer always suits me, however rum and coke has been very much enjoyed during my stay in Sint Maarten.

My favorite spot on the island: Toppers, it is a nice bar with good atmosphere frequently has live music and also has a Karaoke part making it a very place to go at night.

My favorite beach: Petit Cayes the beach requires you to hike there which takes around 30 to 40 minutes but once you get there you have an amazing natural beach almost for yourself, there might be a few other hikers who also decided to go.

My favorite restaurant: would be 3 Amigos a Mexican style restaurants, I would especially recommend going on Tuesday as they have Taco Tuesdays which make tacos cheaper and the ambience is nicer.

Madelon Puntman

Age: 21 years old 
Education: Facility management at the Hanze University of applied sciences, Groningen. 
Position: Front desk agent
I’m from: Hengelo, The Netherlands
On the island since: January, 2019

My favorite holiday destination: I like to see a lot of the world. I am very interested in the different cultures around the world for example I have been to Brazil and Cuba. But I am also a ski-instructor so when the ski season starts, I will be in the mountains!

My favorite drink: frozen cocktails or a good glass of wine

My favorite spot of the island: My favorite spot is Pinel Island, it is a beautiful remote island with a clear blue sea and a lovely white beach. When you are on the boat you can see the turtles swimming next to you!

My favorite beach is: definitely Mullet bay, the water is clear blue and very shallow. 

My favorite activity is: it is not really an activity but I like to go to the different parties on this island. Every month you have the full moon party at Mullet Bay, pool party at Loterie Farm and they celebrate carnival this year for two months.

My favorite restaurant is: Wasabi Charly, it is a really nice sushi place in Simpson Bay. They also have live cooking what makes your diner extra special. 

 My favorite club is: I really like to go to Marty’s. it is more like a bar than a club. On Wednesday they have life music and everyone is dancing. I also like it because it is and Dutch bar where the serve typical Dutch snack. 

Zaneta Stelmach

Age: 27
Education: Facility Management at Hanzehogeschool Groningen
Position: Front Desk Agent
I’m from: Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland
I live in: Groningen, The Netherlands
On the island since: February 24th, 2019

My favorite holiday destination: I love traveling, anywhere. And, to be honest, for me, every place is beautiful and owns its specific significance. Every country has something beautiful in it that I like. Sint Maarten is such a welcoming and warm island, the beautiful beaches and of course, the stunning weather.

My favorite drink is: My favorite drink is Pina Colada but I also like to drink sweet frozen coctails.

My favorite spot of the island:  My favorite spot on the island is Pinel Island. It is a tiny and cozy island with a beautiful white sandy beach, a perfect place to chill out with your friends.

My favorite Beach is: The best beach for me is Mullet Bay. Gorgeous beach where you can take beautiful pictures of the sunset!

My favorite activity is: I love snorkeling, there is nothing more beautiful than watching underwater life.

My favorite restaurant is: Beirut at Simpson Bay. A great restaurant that serves delicious meat, fresh salad and fantastic Pina Colada. 

Meike Oost

Age: 22
Education: International Facility Management at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen
Position:  Front Office Manager
I’m from: The Netherlands
On the island since: January 2017

My favorite holiday destination: I do not have one favorite holiday destination. I prefer to go somewhere I have not been before. Although so far, my favorite country is Austria as it is beautiful in summer and winter. 

My favorite drink is: On the beach I enjoy a cold Amstel Bright,

My favorite spot of the island: The island has many great spots, yet Baie de Petite Cayes is my favorite. It is a secluded beach that is only accessible by hiking. Just before you arrive at the beach, the view is beautiful. The beach is quiet and clean and there are only few or no other people. Be sure that when you go there to bring enough water and food.

My favorite Beach is: My favorite beach on the island is Mullet Bay. This beach is spacious, the water is clear and the beach is beautiful. You can choose between renting a beach chair of relax on the other side of the beach. There is even a volleyball net in case you like to enjoy beach volleyball and sometimes it is good for snorkeling too. 

My favorite activity is: The zip line in Loterie Farm is definitely worth trying! At first, you go up in a truck to the highest point of the island where you will have an amazing view. You go down by using different zip lines, balancing ropes and more. You also have a good chance of spotting monkeys!

My favorite restaurant is: The Carnival Village in Philipsburg is a great place to have lunch. There are several booths with food from all kinds of cultures. The atmosphere is great, especially during the carnival period. My favorite booth is the Paramaribo booth, the bami sate is delicious!