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Driving directions

From Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) to Princess Heights Luxury Boutique Condo Hotel:

  1. Exit the airport and turn right on Airport Rd. toward Sr. Patientia Rd. heading over to Simpson Bay area. 
  2. Continue onto Welfare Rd. over a small bridge, pass the Boathouse Restaurant on your left, pass the Caribbean Cinema on your right. Just past the Kentucky Fried Chicken, enter the roundabout and take the first exit heading up the hill.
  3. Follow the road up the Cole Bay hill; you’ll reach the first roundabout. Enter the roundabout. Take the third turn (or last turn) off from the roundabout and continue driving until you see the Kooyman (Utility & Hardware Store) to your right.​ Turn right onto A.J.C. Brouwer Rd.
  4. Follow the road until you reach the second roundabout. Enter the roundabout. The first exit will lead to the parking area of Le Grand Marche Supermarket. At the roundabout, take the first exit onto Bush Rd.  
  5. Follow the Bush Road. Kentucky Fried Chicken will be on your left. Continue down the road, cross Prince Bernard Bridge, pass a traffic light. Follow the W. A. Nisbeth Rd. with Philipsburg on your right and the Salt Pond on your left.
  6. You will spot the Police Station on your right when you continue on W. A. Nisbeth Rd. Shortly, you will enter another roundabout. Take the second turn off the roundabout.  This will lead you to Zuckergarden Rd.  It’s towards your left. Follow this road, the Salt Pond will be on your left. Look for signs for Oyster Pond or Dawn Beach, these are just down the street from us.
  7. Follow the road you will pass the Shell Gas station and the Rainbow Supermarket on your left. After driving over a small hill, you will pass the Defiance Haven on your right. Continue straight, staying on the main road.
  8. Continue onto the Oyster Pond Rd. after driving for a while on the Suckergarden. After passing the Sunset Bar on your right side, continue driving, then take your second right at Melford Hazel Rd. following signs for Oyster Bay Resort. Turn right and go straight up the road.
  9. Continue driving. Pass the road on your left, which leads you to Busby’s Beach Bar and Oyster Bay Beach resort. Continue driving up a small hill. As you start to come down the other side of the hill, make a right into the parking lot of Princess Heights Luxury Boutique Condo Hotel.
  10. You will see a sign with the word ‘office’ on your left. When you drive down to the left you will see the office on your right side. The office is under the deck of the swimming pool. You can also drive to the end of the parking lot. There is an intercom under the arch. When you push the button, somebody from the office will meet you upstairs and guide you to your room.

If you get lost, ask people how to get to Dawn Beach or the Westin. We are directly across the street from the property. If you need assistance, please call the office at 543-6906.