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July 19, 2023
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From health requirements to electric appliances: what should I pack in my luggage? Light clothing, Sunglasses and solar cream

Princess Heights Luxury Boutique Condo Hotel offers complimentary Wi-Fi Internet connection in all our units and in most locations throughout the property. Most hotels and some restaurants also provide access to the Internet.

It is possible to purchase a sim card at locations throughout the island for use in your own unlocked phone. Princess Heights also provides you the option of renting a cell phone for use during your stay.

The official currency of Dutch Sint Maarten is the Netherlands Antilles guilder (ANG) and, in French Saint Martin, it is the Euro. However, US dollars and major credit cards are widely accepted throughout both parts of the island, as are each side’s currency. Services such as MoneyGram and Western Union are also available at some Banks. Bear in mind that traveler’s checks are no longer accepted all over the island; therefore, it is recommended to double-check this in advance during the planning and arrangements of your vacation. Also, please note that many places do not accept checks from foreign banks.

The Dutch side (and therefore, Princess Heights) uses American outlets consisting of 110V/220V 60Hz electricity system. French Saint-Martin uses the 220V European system and therefore converters or adapters for US electrical cords would be required if you plan to use any outlets on that side of the island (or vice verse). Princess Heights Hotel has converters available for our guests.
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Prepare for Your Trip
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