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Saskia de la Fuente-Goedar

Age:  45

Education:  High school / College

Position: Assistant Manager

I’m from:  Suriname (formerly a Dutch colony of the Netherlands, situated on North East Coast of South America)

On the island since: 1998

My favorite holiday destination:
Suriname and Aruba

My favorite drink is:
Ice cold Ginger beer / Pina Colada

My favorite spot of the island:
Board walk on the Friday evenings / Sunset beach bar on the weekends

My favorite beach is:
Maho beach, Le Gallion, Mullet Bay Beach

My favorite activity is: 
Dancing but I like going to the movies / reading / swimming

My favorite restaurant is:
Lee’s Road Side grill / the Sushi box / Bamboo Bernies / Chesterfields Restaurant

My favorite club is:
It used to be La Bamba for latin evening, but after it closed I usually go to The Harbor on Simpson Bay for Latin evening as well!

Caroline Macdonna

Age:  20 Years
Education: Associates in Accounting
Position: Front Office and Back Office
I’m from: Dominican Republic
On the island since: 11/12/2002

My favorite holiday destination:
The Caribbean, love the sun and beaches

My favorite drink is:
Has always been a cold glass of coke with lime.

My favorite spot of the island:
My favorite spot on the island is Le Galion beach, early morning the sun rises from that section and it is just beautiful. The beach is also calm, so it’s nice; I am not really a fan of rough waves.

I also enjoy being in Marigot, I like the atmosphere and the restaurants, very nice

My favorite beach is:

My favorite beach is the Le Galion beach not just because of calm waves but because I can sit and read a good book.

My favorite activity is: 
I am not much a fan of sports, but I do enjoy track (running), I also enjoy shopping in Philipsburg and Marigot with my friends.

My favorite restaurant is:
My favorite restaurants are, Pineapple Pete, Cheri’s café, and Greenhouse restaurant. I also enjoy ice cream from Carousel.

Jurgen Siepelinga

Age: 21
Education: I study Facility Management (Hospitality in Business) at the Hanzehogeschool in Groningen
Position: Front/back office
I’m From: Oldekerk, a little town in the province Groningen, the most northern province of The Netherlands
On The Island since: January 2016

My favourite holiday destination: Sint Maarten (so far). I like places with a warm climate, such as Sint Maarten.

My favourite drink is: I prefer Dutch beer, but also like Berenburg Cola. Berenburg is a Dutch liquor that tastes a bit like Jägermeister.

My favourite spot on the island: There are many favourite spots that I like on the Island. For daytime Philipsburg is a nice place to go to the beach, shop and eat & drink. At night the Simpson Bay area is the place to eat & drink as well, but there are also a lot of places to go out.

My favourite beach is: Mullet Bay is one of the two most favourite beach of mine, because at Mullet Bay it is more crowded, but you have bigger waves, nice sand and also a place to eat & drink. Anse Marcel is my other favourite beach, because it's quite the opposite of Mullet bay in a sense. Anse Marcel is behind and in between hills, so it is very shut off of the rest of the Island. Very peaceful and no big waves.

My favourite activity: Trip to St. Barths (so far). I visited St. Barths with my colleague Tess. We took the high speed boat and on the Island we rented a ATV. Renting an ATV on St. Barths is the best transportation what you can have. The roads are all small and therefore no one drives dangerously. On St. Barths there are many beautiful beaches, such as Shell Beach and Grand Cul de Sac. Also the airport of St. Barths is awesome. Airplanes have to land on the landing strip just before a hill. There is a road on the hill were you can park and experience airplanes flying over you less than 100 feet.

Marieke De Roose

Age: 21
Education:I am in my final year of Hotel Management at the Erasmus University College in Brussels.
Position: Front & Back Desk Agent
I’m from: Belgium

My favourite holiday destination: Every place has something unique to offer, but my very favorite place has to be Costa Rica, I was living there for 3 months exploring the country and it has so much to offer! Even after 3 months I still had so many things to see!

My favourite drink is: I enjoy a good Gin Tonic, preferably a Gin Mare, but on the island they make a hell of a Pain Killer or BBC!

My favourite spot of the island: Pic Paradis, it’s a 2 hour hike to the top but it’s not too tiring and loterie farm is right at the beginning of the trail, the food there is great! I also really like Baie de L’embouchure, there’s a little restaurant called Mambo’s there and it has one of the best views on the whole Island, you can walk to other little “Islands” there as well.

My favourite beach is :I really like Baie Rouge, the water is so clear, you can see a lot of fish and sea stars. It’s also a little bit less crowded than Mullet Bay which is nice.

My favourite activity is: On the Island I would say Butterly farm or loterie farm. I would definitely recommend going to Saba! What a beautiful Island that is. If you like hiking and diving a weekend in Saba is perfect for you.

My favourite restaurant is:Bamboo Bernie’s. Best sushi on the Island. Pizza Galley at Simpson Bay is lovely, and Le Calmos Café has an amazing crème brûlée.

My favourite club is: I like Tantra on Wednesday because then it’s ladies night, but Soggy is really nice on Fridays and Le Calmos café at the French side is very cosy and there’s live music 

Normunds Lukjanovics

Age:  22
Education:  International Facility Management in Hanze University of Applied Sciences
Position: Front Office Agent
I’m from:  Latvia
On the island since: End of January 2016

My favorite holiday destination: My favorite holiday destination: Riga, Latvia. The place where I have originally came from so I can meet my family and friends there. Amongst my other preferable holiday destinations would be Chile, UK, Netherlands and plenty of the places that I haven’t explored yet.

My favorite drink is: Whiskey on rocks

My favorite spot of the island: Amongst all the beautiful places on the island my favorite one is the view point located at the Guana Bay

My favorite beach is: Mullet Bay beach since it has 2 BBQ/Bars and deep blue waters that are surrounded by palm trees. That was one of the first beaches I have visited during my stay on the island. Additionally, I have discovered a great beach near Grande Case that seemed to be very quiet and isolated from the masses.

My favorite activity is: On my days off I like to spend most of my time at the beach and going out in thecity during the nighttime. My personal goal is to visit all beaches on the island during my stay.

My favorite restaurant is: McDonald’s. Since I was a child, I loved having my birthdays at this fast food restaurant. Since I came here it seemed striking with the good offers they have. Perhaps not the healthiest option amongst restaurants, but personally I settle for cheap and fast qualities when it comes to eating out.

However, I have also enjoyed a delicious meal at Quai Ouest’s which is a place located on the French side of the Oyster Pond. The restaurant is owned by a French family that cherishes the harbor like cuisine.

My favorite club is: Soggy Dollar that is located at Simpson Bay, simply because of the selection in music that is played during Friday nights. Additionally, the prices for the drinks and specials they have are acceptable.

Philip Kroep

Age: 18
Education:Tourism and Leisure Management, Saxion Hogeschool Deventer
Position: Front Office Agent
I`m from: The Netherlands
On the island since: February 2015

My favorite holiday destination: At the moment I really like to travel on my own and explore new things. I like to visit underrated tourist destinations like Tallinn, Estonia and get in touch with locals.

My favorite drink is: An ice cold Bacardi with coke light, some lemons and citrons.

My favorite spot of the island: Pinel Island. It is located in the Marine Park of french St Maarten (St. Marting) and is a great place for kayaking, paddle boarding or snorkeling.

My favorite beach is: My favorite beach is Mullet Bay Beach. The sea is really clear and the sand is white and soft. However, I also really like Guana Bay Beach: I consider it as a private beach and I would recommend going there if you prefer a quiet environment.

My favorite activity is: I am really into outdoor activities. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is to go for a run, because I like to feel fit during the day. I feel like Sint Maarten is the perfect place to be when you’re interested in doing outdoor activities.

My favorite restaurant is: Green House & Chesterfield’s. They are both located in Philipsburg.

My favorite club is: Soggy Dollar on Friday, Tantra on Wednesday and Calmos on Thursday.

Sabrina Jonkers

Age: 20
Education: Tourism and Leisure Management, Saxion Hogeschool Deventer
Position: Front Office Agent
I’m from: The Netherlands
On the island since: End of January 2016

My favorite holiday destination: My favorite holiday destination is Croatia. I really love this country because you can go there with either your friends or your family having a great time and do a lot of nice activities. Also Croatia has beautiful waterfalls and beaches.

My favorite drink is: ice cold lemonade on a warm day, a desperados or a BBC cocktail. My favorite spot of the island: There are a lot of beautiful places on the island but I like Mullet Bay the most. You can just relax, enjoy the sun, swim and there is even a BBQ so everything for a perfect day. Also the boardwalk in Philipsburg is really nice. You can eat, shop and make some pretty pictures.

My favorite beach is: Definitely Mullet Bay. Mullet Bay is on the Dutch side of the island. I really love that the water is so clear blue, the sand so white and the palm trees. It is just like the picture you have in your head when you are thinking about the Caribbean.

My favorite activity is: I like to do some water sport activities. I really recommend going Para flying. It is a great experience. The view what you have when you are in the air is amazing! Something you should see with your own eyes.

My favorite restaurant is: 3 Amigos in Maho Village, across Casino Royale. You can eat some really good nachos there.

My favorite club is: I like to go on Wednesdays to Tantra and to Soggy Dollar on Fridays.

Tess Rödel

Age: 19 years old
Position: Front office/Back office
From: The Netherlands
Education: I study Facility Management at Saxion University of applied sciences in Deventer.

My favorite holiday destination: In 2012, I did a round trip with my parents and sister at the west side of America, it was amazing! Also, Saint Martin is high on my list!!

My favorite drink: Sex on the beach, Piña colada.

My favorite spot on the island: Watching the sunset at Mullet bay beach

My favorite beach is: Little bay beach, it is a small beach but so beautiful Mullet bay beach, the water is so clear

My favorite activity is: My favorite activities are the day trips to one of the island that are located around Saint Martin. I definitely would recommend St. Barths, it is amazing!

My favorite restaurant: The barbeque restaurants at Grand Case. Not one particular restaurant, since they are all really good!

My favorite club is: I am not such an outgoing person, but I like Soggy dollar and the Harbor. I prefer local bars than clubs.